LexPro Research excels in providing various forms of investment support to investment banks, broker-dealers, boutique firms, private equity firms, venture capitalists and high net-worth individuals. To be clear, LexPro Research does not make investment recommendations or provide investment advice, but we do provide salient information that allows our clients to make an informed decision.

Investment support includes:

  • Vetting officers and directors before investments, mergers, acquisitions or Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)
  • Examining a board of directors, or a proposed slate of directors, for common links and affiliations in proxy battles or shareholder lawsuits
  • Verifying the bona fides of a potential new corporate partner or joint-venture
  • Developing information to defend against hostile takeovers
  • Uncovering material omissions or conflicts of interests amongst company executives or directors
  • Conducting Know Your Client (KYC) or Foreign Corrupt Practice Act (FCPA) evaluations

Case Studies: Investment Support

  • On behalf of a major hedge fund involved in a proxy battle, LexPro Research conducted background research on an “independent” board of directors. LexPro Research’s efforts revealed ten of the twelve board members had common links or associations through other boards or directorships, prior corporate affiliations, or educational institutions. Using the information LexPro Research provided, the client was able to demonstrate the board was not as “independent” as it claimed.
  • A U.K.-based investment fund was partnered with two U.S. businessmen to invest in South American gaming operations. The U.K. client was being asked for additional funds to cover “unexpected shortfalls” with the initial investment. LexPro Research uncovered an undisclosed relationship between the U.S. businessmen and the South American gaming concern. Furthermore, LexPro Research discovered the U.S. businessmen and South American entity were diverting revenue from the partnership involving our U.K. client. Based on the evidence LexPro Research developed, the U.K. client was able to extract itself from further loses.
  • In connection with one of the largest corporate mergers of the past few years, LexPro Research vetted the board of a U.S. company before it was acquired by a major European conglomerate.