Many of our competitors claim to be the largest or the oldest providers of due diligence and background checks, but few can claim to be the best. If you need to know the truth about an individual, a group of individuals, or an entire company, do not take chances with a firm whose claim to fame is simply that they are the oldest or the largest – work with the firm that prides itself on being the best.


Now more than ever you have a duty to conduct a proper background check. In fact, conducting proper due diligence may not only be the difference between a wise investment and a poor choice, but it may also reduce your liability in the event an investment goes bad. However, simply choosing the lowest cost provider may not provide you with the information you need and it may not afford you adequate protection that you met your fiduciary duty.


Public records and open sources include voluminous amounts of information on individuals and companies, but a large portion of the information is inaccurate or associated with an individual based on a name match. In addition, there is a troubling trend of “reputable” sources providing erroneous or inaccurate information. For these reasons, the expert back-end analysis and interpretation of your research is just as important as the information-gathering itself. At LexPro Research, our methodology has been developed and refined over decades, and your results are always reviewed by a senior information specialist to ensure only the most accurate and insightful information is reported.


We assign a team to your project so that we can deliver quality results promptly. Typical turnaround is a week (slightly longer for international work), but we have been known to complete investigations in 24-hours (or even less) in special circumstances. We also provide interim updates while conducting the research should we uncover “red flags” or noteworthy information.


We provide the most thorough, accurate and comprehensive background checks in the industry—at highly competitive rates. If a competitor charges less, chances are something is missing. For example, some firms search using only one source or one method— and you risk missing important facts. Some firms only provide a “data dump” with no expert analysis—and again, you could miss an important fact. Finally, some firms outsource their U.S.-based investigations to India or China—saving costs, but losing local perspective and quality control. LexPro Research background checks are performed in-house, drawn from multiple sources, and delivered with expert analysis and interpretation, all at a competitive rate.