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LexPro Research LLC is a leading provider of domestic and international risk mitigation and business intelligence services to the corporate, financial, and legal communities.


Accurate & Efficient

Do not take chances with a firm whose claim to fame is simply that they are the oldest or the largest - work with a firm that prides itself on being the best.


Discreet & Effective

Our corporate investigative work includes assisting clients in protecting themselves from both internal and external threats.  

Insights & Analysis

Our unique background research methods and in-depth analysis provides our clients with meaningful results.


Corporate Disclosure & Ethics Program

Confidential disclosure program enabling our clients to comply with regulatory requirements and identify potential problems.

Informative & Thorough

Provide various forms of investment support to investment banks, broker-dealers, boutique firms, private equity firms, venture capitalists and high net-worth individuals.


Global Network

LexPro Research can conduct and facilitate work worldwide

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