LexPro Research does not simply provide raw “data dumps.” Our unique background research methods and in-depth analysis provides our clients with meaningful results that are often the difference between wise decisions and costly mistakes.

Due Diligence typically includes searches of:

  • Criminal records, including manual searches
  • OFAC (Patriot Act compliance)
  • Business or consumer credit report (subject to FCRA)
  • Bankruptcy, Lien & Judgment filings
  • Civil litigation
  • Regulatory filings, including fines, sanctions, and disciplinary actions
  • National and international media
  • Professional licenses, patents, and trademarks
  • Educational degrees
  • Corporate affiliations
  • Other public records and confidential database sources

LexPro Research is also capable of undertaking additional efforts such as identifying, locating, and discreetly interviewing individuals – or other field activities such as surveillance – in an effort to develop information that may not be reflected in public records.

Case Studies: Due Diligence

  • On behalf of an investment bank client, that was representing a gaming company seeking to expand its operations, LexPro Research conducted due diligence and background research on several key individuals that were going to manage the gaming expansion. During the work, LexPro Research discovered one of the executives, slated to be the general manager of the new casino, had a sordid history in the gaming industry. Not only had the individual made illegal contributions to various political committees, but LexPro Research determined the individual had been the subject of a federal investigation regarding organized crime connections. Using our findings, the investment bank client was able to persuade the gaming company to find a suitable replacement.
  • A fund of fund client that was considering a several hundred million dollar placement with a hedge fund, hired LexPro Research to investigate the fund manager. During the investigation, LexPro Research uncovered an arbitration proceeding involving the fund manager. A thorough analysis of the arbitration revealed the fund manager had changed his name. LexPro Research then conducted additional searches on the fund manager, using his birth name, and discovered a criminal record for assault. Using LexPro Research’s findings, the fund of fund client was able to avoid a potentially risky investment.
  • On behalf of an investment company client, LexPro Research conducted due diligence and background research on three executives of a wireless technology company. Although none of the executives were personally involved in adverse proceedings and no research was specifically requested on the company, during the course of the work LexPro Research determined the company was involved in several significant civil litigation cases. Specifically, a former co-founder was suing the company and several investment groups for fraud and breach of contract. Furthermore, a former employee had sued the company for wrongful termination claiming the company created a hostile workplace and constructively terminated her after she alleged a co-worker had sexually assaulted her.