Our corporate investigative work includes assisting clients in protecting themselves from both internal and external threats.  LexPro Research conducts its corporate investigations with the utmost discretion, as well as an understanding of the client’s corporate culture.

Corporate investigative work includes:

  • Gathering competitive intelligence
  • Vetting senior executives and potential new employees
  • Verifying the bona fides of a potential new corporate partner or joint-venture
  • Determining the nature and method of financial irregularities, such as embezzlement
  • Investigating sexual harassment or workplace violence cases
  • Identifying counterfeit merchandise or “grey goods”

Case Studies: Corporate Investigation

  • LexPro Research was engaged to develop information regarding a high-profile individual’s whereabouts and current activities. Using several investigative methods, LexPro Research was able to track the individual’s whereabouts for several weeks on practically a constant basis. LexPro Research first learned the individual was out of the country and sailing the world on his custom yacht. Through additional efforts, we learned the yacht’s exact whereabouts and scheduled itinerary. Finally, LexPro Research was able to obtain other detailed information such as the Subject’s daily activities aboard the ship, who else was onboard, how the passengers spent their days, and even what meals were served. LexPro Research was also able to obtain numerous photographs on a daily basis, many of them of the Subject.
  • Based on intelligence obtained by LexPro Research, a high net worth client was protected from being the victim of a loosely organized ring of fraudsters that had approached the client on several different fronts over an extended period. For several years the client has asked LexPro Research to obtain reputational information on individuals that often approach the client with various business opportunities. Although some individuals were whom they purport to be, others were not. LexPro Research was able to develop information on one individual who was previously involved in a failed restaurant venture, resulting in several lawsuits and many disgruntled investors. Approximately a year later the restaurateur was convicted of perpetrating a major financial fraud – a Ponzi scheme. Further research revealed that at least two other individuals that LexPro Research had previously screened for the same client, and who the client avoided based on our findings, were also ultimately involved in the Ponzi scheme as well.