Michael C. Levien

Michael has been working as a private investigator since 1992.  During his career, he has managed numerous international cases in Europe, Asia, Latin and South America, and hundreds of investigations in North America.

Before co-founding LexPro Research, Michael worked for a consulting firm specializing in international intelligence gathering, crisis management, overseas business facilitation, and corporate due diligence. He also managed complex insurance claim investigations and he conducted various risk and security assessments both in the U.S. and abroad.

Michael has also worked on civil litigation disputes, counterfeit merchandise investigations, shareholder proxy battles, environmental investigations, insurance fraud and corporate embezzlement cases. He has several years of experience conducting field operations such as surveillance, undertaking both discreet and traditional interviews, and researching public records.

Michael has a Master of Science in Protection Management from John Jay College of Criminal Justice located in New York, New York, and a Bachelor of Arts from The George Washington University located in Washington, D.C.